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Welcome to a world where sophistication meets customisation. At myPAPERCLIP, we understand the power of personal touch in forging connections that last. Our custom notebooks service is specially designed for corporate gifting, professionals, companies, organizations, and brands that aspire to stand out in a sea of uniformity.

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Why Choose myPAPERCLIP Custom Notebooks?

Our service is not just about creating custom notebooks; it's about crafting an experience unique to your brand. With a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 50, we make premium customisation accessible to you, ensuring that every detail of your custom printed notebooks reflects the essence of your brand’s identity.

Whether you’re looking for compact A6 notebooks to slip into a pocket or executive A4 notebooks for detailed note-taking, we offer a range of sizes including A6, A5, B5, and A4 to cater to every need.

Our pricing includes not only cover customisation but also 4 internal pages, allowing you to have these at either the front or the back of your notebook. For those seeking a more profound touch, we offer the option to customise each page throughout the entire book, given the right quantity.

Choose between air freight and sea freight options according to your timeline and budget, ensuring your branded notebooks reach you when you need them.

Tailored to Impress

Imagine handing over a custom notebook that effortlessly communicates the ethos of your brand, from the cover design right down to the choice of paper. Whether you opt for a custom leather notebooks that shows elegance or seek to make a sustainable statement with environmentally conscious materials, every notebook is a canvas for your brand’s story.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our team at myPAPERCLIP is committed to transforming your vision into tangible assets that resonate with target audiences. Our expert consultants will guide you through the customisation process, ensuring that every detail, from design to delivery, aligns with your expectations.

Join the Ranks of Distinguished Brands

We've proudly collaborated with numerous established brands, including American Express, ING Bank, Argon & Co Consulting, Burberry, Lexus, and many others, enhancing their brand value and identity.