A6 Pocket Notebooks and Journals

Welcome to our extensive collection of A6 Notebooks, a perfect choice for those who prefer a compact and portable writing companion. Take notes, doodle or sketch, our A6 Journal will cover all your creative needs. Their small size makes them a perfect Pocket Notebook, ensuring you always have something to jot down your ideas.

Our Small Notebooks are not just practical but rather their chic designs make them an add-on that complements your personality. These Cute Notebooks are compact enough to fit into your pocket, yet spacious enough to accommodate your thoughts and ideas.

Our notebook offers a variety of A6 paper types catering to every writing preference:

  • A6 Lined Notebook : Perfect for note-taking and journaling
  • A6 Grid Notebook : Ideally designed for drawing and drafting
  • A6 Blank Notebook : Help your imagination run wild, providing an open canvas for your thoughts.

Our mini Notebooks are made from high-quality A6 Paper, ensuring smooth writing and durability. Scroll through the countless options we offer, pick the A6 Journals that speak to you and get free delivery on all orders over $50.

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Frequently asked questions

A6 Pocket Notebooks and Journals

A6 is approximately half the size of an A5 book. Exact measurements are A5: 148 x 210 millimeters and A6: 90 x 140mm

A6 notebooks at myPAPERCLIP are 90 x 140mm