Our story

myPAPERCLIP was started in 2013 with a desire to create high quality, minimal, functional and durable notebooks and desk essentials. Today, we make 300+ kinds of products catering to a wide demographic and type of use. With minimalism and great design aesthetic at our core, our products are appreciated by corporate professionals, students, designers and homemakers. With 1.5 Million+ users, there is something for everyone!

Our materials

The materials used in our collections are sourced from all over the planet. With exhaustive and constantly evolving research for every individual component we ensure excellence in every detail to enhance the overall experience while using our products. Few components come from Italy and United Kingdom while others are locally sourced from India. The different components are then transformed into one of the 300+ products by our Product Development team in the tireless pursuit of quality and innovation.

Where to find us

You can buy our products on our website – www.mypaperclip.com.au and on multiple e-commerce marketplaces. Over the years, we have also collaborated with multiple brands to launch co-branded products and helped various companies with their customised notebooks and desk essential solutions. Some of our favourite ones include – American Express, Facebook, LG, EY, Good Earth, Nicobar, WeWork and many more.